Geophysical data is one of the most critical assets for an oil and gas geoscientist.  Katalyst Data Management® helps you manage your entire seismic asset electronically and unleash your data’s true potential. Now you can take your data’s potential one step further with SeismicZone, our new ecommerce website for proprietary seismic data licensing.

Simplify the Complex

With 30+ years of industry experience, Katalyst (formerly Kelman) has consistently been able to handle the complexities of cleaning up, verifying and organizing our customers’ geophysical data.  Our clients are able to manage their data more efficiently, with a lower cost structure than traditional storage methods.

Add Value to Your Data

Katalyst’s end-to-end solution includes every step in the process, from data capture and verification to data storage and organization.  Our signature iGlass solution allows you to access your entire seismic data collection online via a web-based ESRI GIS map portal.  Click here to learn more or contact us.