Face Behind the Data: Gordon Hay, Director of Business Development-Asia Pacific

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Face Behind the Data Profiles Gordon Hay, Director of Business Development- Asia Pacific

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This month for our Face Behind the Data profile series, we are excited to introduce, Gordon Hay, Director Asia Pacific. He is a new member of the Katalyst Data Management team. Since joining Katalyst, Gordon has already started creating strategies to form business relationships and increase sales.

Gordon’s positivity and plans to increase business in the Asia Pacific region will be a great contribution to Katalyst. We are excited he could contribute his experience to Face Behind the Data, a series of profiles that feature the hard-working employees behind the solutions and services at Katalyst.

What is your educational and work experience background?

  • I received a Bachelor of Management and International Trade degree from the University of South Australia and a MBA from the University of Adelaide.

What are some of the highlights of your career?     

  • Total Energy – South China Sea | Singapore Identifying AOI for investment using ARC GIS for offshore exploration.
  • Shell | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. New GIS System implementation for staff with integrated multi layered filters using proprietary technology.
  • OzSEEBSE | Canberra, Australia. Promoting the mapping the entire onshore and offshore geology of Australia down to 22km from surface, identifying minerals, water, geothermal and hydrocarbons.
  • BHP Digital Wayfinding for mining camps – Promoting a better user experience, facilities management and improved personal safety. Winning the Camps to Communities Global Challenge.
  • Living in Japan in my early career and working at World Expo.

How did you get here?

Over a career spanning more than three decades and three continents, I have witnessed the transformative role technology plays in a myriad of sectors. I am the leader for digital services for future energy and resources.

  • I work with extraordinary professionals, who have cleverly exploited technology to plan, design and build business systems and networks internationally.
  • I have seen technology used to protect Australia’s most precious networks; and watched governments and business embrace technology – pushing it to new levels.
  •  I specialize in digital technology strategies, with a focus on the oil & gas, geospatial and agribusiness.

What are some big lessons learned and/or challenges faced along the way?

Always be optimistic and keep moving forward. I have had some major personal family challenges and keeping going and always improving little by little gets results.

What advice do you have for people beginning their career?

Travel and live in another country for an extended period. There is more than one way to do things and living in a different culture teaches you patience and understanding.

Are there any organizations or volunteer groups that you are passionate about?

I was a City Councilor for 8 years working part time with community groups on environmental, planning, child care, aged care, State Government, media and local issues. I also have worked to support children with Cerebral Palsy.

What are some of your favorite things to do and/ or places to visit outside of work?

I have a classic car and enjoy visiting the hills to test the somewhat challenging 50 year old braking systems.