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Asset Transition & Marketing

Acquiring or divesting of assets is an increasingly common occurrence, and one that can have material impact on the value of your company. It is also fraught with uncertainty and risk. In addition to estimating the long-term value of the asset, a mass of supporting subsurface data needs to be assessed and managed. Our consultants are industry experts in the understanding ownership and entitlements surrounding this data, and we can manage this process on our customers’ behalf.

Having an understanding of the ownership and entitlements of data as a part of an acquisition or divestiture can have profound impact on the overall value of a transaction. Conversely, a lack of understanding can expose the company to significant financial and legal liability. It’s important to get this right, and unfortunately this is an oft overlooked aspect when going through the A&D process.

Katalyst’s consultants have been involved in and aided in some of the largest M&A deals globally. They have unique insights and guidance into processes, industry standards and sub-surface strategies. We see A&D on the rise going forward. Be organized and prepared to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Beyond ownership and entitlements, there are several other areas where we assist our customers. Our proprietary CAUSE and EFFECT methodology can help you eliminate the frustrations that can exist with inheriting an asset that has been poorly managed.

Our Services:

  • Guidance on structuring deal for transferring seismic
  • Ownership research
  • License agreements review and advisement
  • Seismic valuations
  • Data room management and auditing
  • Expertise in building workstation and interpretation projects
  • Virtual and physical data room management
  • Purchase & Sale (P&S) agreement review and advisement
  • License transfer fee negotiations

Contact our consultants to learn how we can help to streamline your A&D journey and help you minimize risk and maximize value.