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SeismicZone – The Online Data Marketplace

SeismicZone, powered by Katalyst, is an e-brokerage website designed to accelerate the E&P decision making processes through online marketing of quality assured seismic data.

The online marketplace now features 3.89 million sq km of 3D data and 5.7 million km of 2D data available for license.



SeismicZone gives exploration stakeholders access to current seismic data available across the globe.

License Seismic Data Online

SeismicZone gives exploration stakeholders access to current seismic data available across the globe.  The online marketplace for seismic data streamlines the process and provides significant savings for data purchasers.

  • License seismic either through your broker or independently
  • Identify what data is automatically available for QI/purchase with ease
  • 24/7 access to search, target, QI and purchase available data
  • Query filters enable locating data of interest quickly
  • Automated online processes for faster transactions 

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Market Proprietary Subsurface Data Online

Get return from your seismic investment when you market your data on Geoscience sellers have access to Katalyst’s proven data management practices with the option to provide online quality inspection of their proprietary data for potential buyers.

  • Proactively market and generate revenue by licensing your data online
  • Retain direct control over your proprietary asset
  • Expose your data to new markets

Data Management Expertise

Katalyst’s dedicated team, comprised of seasoned geoscientists and data management professionals, bring a wealth of knowledge focused solely on providing quality assured seismic data to the market when and where you need it.

We recognize that improved market visibility and accelerated processes is the future of seismic brokering and the key to lower costs, quicker decision making and increased sales to E&P companies. SeismicZone accomplishes these goals by applying current technology and data management best practices to the business of licensing seismic data. Our sole focus is to provide:

  • High market visibility to seismic data using web based tools
  • Vast quantities of quality checked seismic stored digitally in secure infrastructure
  • Automated online processes for faster, more efficient transactions
  • Sales and trade tracking modules for internal sales administration
  • Fast, secure distribution of quality checked seismic to buyers
  • Reduction in brokering cycles and cost overheads

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