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Data management for seismic and well data volumes can present an endless amount of issues and challenges. Our geophysical and geological consultants and data scientists have many years of experience in managing seismic and well data, and we’re excited to be able to share case studies on issues from digital transformation and cloud computing to data compliance and entitlement.

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Data Management Articles

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Cloud Data Storage for Oil and Gas Companies

The energy industry can no longer afford to delay cloud adoption. Oil and Gas technology has seen tremendous advancement over the past 20 years, which has resulted in accelerating increases in production and operational efficiency. But when it comes to digital technologies, the industry lags behind. Why? The capital-intensive operations found in the upstream sector don’t lend well to the trial-and-error approach typically used with new digital technologies. With an unpredictable oil price, operators are […]

Seismic Data Quality: The Big Scary Monster

Seismic data quality means having the solid foundation of a complete reliable dataset in your subsurface database, an ongoing quest for oil and gas companies. How can you stand behind your projects and investments if you’re not certain that they’re built upon quality seismic and well data? Oil and gas companies with assets in multiple countries around the world manage many petabytes of seismic and well data. If there are data quality issues, it can […]

Oil and Gas Data Analytics - Subsurface Data Becomes Natrual Resource

The volume of new subsurface data that is being acquired and made available is rapidly increasing.  Meanwhile large digital transformation projects are also unlocking legacy data. Many oil and gas companies are finding themselves with data assets from multiple countries that are being transformed into digital resources that could be used for oil and gas data analytics. Further complicating the asset trail, some of these companies are still acquiring and merging with other companies, requiring […]

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