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Seismic Section Scanning and Vectorization

Katalyst is a leading provider of geophysical preservation and seismic section scanning services for the oil and gas industry. Our proprietary software, combined with and developed from more than a quarter of a century of experience, enables us to offer our clients a unique and valuable means for restoring aging hard copy paper seismic sections to a digital format. Once digitized and preserved, the data can then be enhanced and used to add value to ongoing and future processing and interpretation activities.


Conversion of the hardcopy sections to digital SEGY data is a cost efficient solution to obtaining greater seismic coverage.

Frequently in the exploration industry, historical seismic data is only available in a hard copy format. Often these seismic sections cover exploration areas that lack modern seismic coverage. Conversion of the hardcopy sections to digital SEGY data is a cost efficient solution to obtaining greater seismic coverage in areas where little other data may exists. Paper does not last forever and it cannot be readily used for the purpose of advanced manipulation and processing using modern techniques, hence scanning and vectorization is the only way to take full advantage of your data.

Digitization of hard copy seismic sections empowers you to:

  • Access and use data on your desktop for further processing or interpretation
  • Display data at different scales
  • Apply post stack processing routines such as noise attenuation, filtering and deconvolution
  • Ensure long term protection and preservation of irreplaceable or cost prohibitive to replace
  • Combine new survey data with historical data
  • Recover or identify lost data where digital archives are incomplete or damaged
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Section Scanning and Digitized Seismic Sections

Katalyst provides scanning services for your hard copy seismic sections using top industry scanning technology to produce a raster image file. The seismic trace digitization software tracks the peaks and troughs of the seismic data, reconstructing the data and rebuilding the waveforms of the data. Where the seismic sections are faded or damaged, intelligent wave tracking algorithms can be applied to interpolate the missing fragments of the trace to ensure a full and accurate reproduction of the original data.

Processing and Enhancement of Scanned Sections

Once digitized, the seismic data can be enhanced through standard post stack processing routines which may include filtering, mute, AGC, trace mixing and trace interpolation. For older vintage seismic data, the application of post stack processes such as FK or FX noise reduction filtering and scaling and predictive deconvolution generally result in significant enhancement of the original data.

Where available, and in order to facilitate the use of the vectorized data, Katalyst will include accurate positioning and shot point information in the headers of the seismic data files. Once ready to output in the required format, Katalyst can deliver the seismic section data to you on the media of your choice, electronically via the web for immediate desktop use, or as a new layer in iGlass or

Seismic Section Scanning Services

Related services that we offer include:

  • Collation and digitization of seismic velocity information from hardcopy seismic sections
  • Digitization of hard copy seismic base maps and hardcopy seismic section headers, such as shot points, gravity, elevations, coordinates, etc.
  • Merging or updating navigation and elevations in the SEGY trace headers
  • Merging of elevations and static corrections, or SP/CDP within the SEGY trace headers
  • Appending or splitting seismic lines and editing of SEGY EBCDIC and binary file headers

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