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iGlass – the Multi-Cloud PPDM Based Solution

Have you ever ordered subsurface data from storage and waited days or even weeks to receive that data, only to realize it’s not what you really needed?

Whether you need to access your seismic and well data archives for interpretation, data analytics, data compliance or divestitures and acquisitions, the Katalyst Data Management® iGlass solution eliminates uncertainty and significantly reduces your time spent searching for your subsurface data.

Katalyst Data Management - iGlass


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Katalyst Data Management

iGlass Data Management Software

Katalyst’s iGlass data management software provides a complete set of tools that encompass the full life cycle of our customers’ subsurface assets. Certified PPDM Gold Compliant, iGlass incorporates a web based ESRI GIS map interface for direct access to your digital subsurface data, securely stored in a private cloud. Katalyst hosts the iGlass data management software as a service (SaaS) for our clients.

Scalable and Secure Data

The iGlass solution is designed to be scalable to any level on a global basis, allowing companies to manage their geological and geophysical (G&G) data, including seismic, interpretation and well data archives, consistently across geographically dispersed locations.

Smarter Searches

Oil and gas companies now have the ability to use freestyle text searches on their seismic and well data volumes. Similar to search technology used for online shopping and searching, the newly released iGlass Portal ES harnesses the power of Elasticsearch, allowing users to search the entirety of their subsurface catalog with a simple textual search. Just like online searches return results from multiple websites, the Elasticsearch technology within iGlass Portal ES searches across multiple data domains, returning all results associated with the search text. Users can quickly find the seismic and well data they need without having to know specifically where to look within their subsurface database.

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Location and Ownership

The iGlass data management software provides our clients the flexibility to locate their subsurface data local to the business unit, while maintaining a central administration to ensure all locations are being managed according to the process framework established by each corporation. Katalyst’s solution also verifies the proprietary ownership of data, thereby reducing risks for corporations and their valuable seismic, interpretation and well data.

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Katalyst Data Management - Geoscience Data Cloud

Multiple Domain Management

Backed by client demand, what began as a seismic data management solution has expanded to encompass data types across multiple domains.  In addition to seismic, we are also able to manage well data for our clients.  To further enhance our solution, iGlass is now capable of handling the complexities of managing interpretation project archives, and all of the associated metadata that geoscientists often are unable to access with traditional storage methods. The new interpretation module has been branded ProjectDataStor.

Katalyst Data Management - iGlass

Increase Data Value with SeismicZone

Clients with proprietary data on iGlass have the option of listing their seismic data for license on Katalyst’s ecommerce website, SeismicZone.com. With over 500 registered users, SeismicZone provides our iGlass customers the opportunity to monetize their subsurface data online and gain exponential returns on their data management investment. The interface includes a layer whereby users can view data available for license on SeismicZone, so E&P companies can acquire and divest prospect data through Katalyst’s virtual marketplace, reducing internal costs and improving their time to market.

PPDM Gold Compliant

We are honored that the PPDM Association (PPDM) has recognized the iGlass solution as adhering to their standards for Gold Compliance. The PPDM Compliance process involves a series of examinations by PPDM of various aspects of the iGlass solution and the underlying data model to ensure that it adheres to their standards for data management. Read the news announcement for more details.

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PPDM Gold Compliant