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Metadata Management and Capture

Organizing the data about your subsurface data is one of the most important aspects of metadata management. Katalyst uses proprietary tools to capture and collect key information components from various sources, including navigation data, support data and seismic trace data. Our primary goal is to ensure all identifying data is captured, organized and referenced with the proper subsurface element – whether 2D line, 3D survey, Well API, or Field – so you can find it when you need it.


Katalyst uses proprietary metadata management tools to capture and collect key information components from various sources, including navigation data, support data and seismic trace data.

Subsurface Domain Expertise

Seismic and well data domain expertise drive the metadata management process. Katalyst’s experience in the cleanup and movement of large datasets in conjunction with our clients’ knowledge of the data itself are vital factors in ensuring effective results. Through this metadata driven process, a single database utilizing PPDM is created and available for the client’s use online via iGlass. This database with its web-based portal interface delivers verified and QC’d data volumes that can support big data analysis, machine learning applications and data governance

Seismic Metadata Integrity

As we read the seismic data from tape or scan paper sections and support documents, the focus is to maintain the data integrity of the asset by capturing data from the original source. We go to great lengths to validate all relevant metadata, giving you the ability to filter queries through our ESRI map interface or relational queries. Your seismic assets are in “virtual” electronic storage, and the original data stays safe and secure for future use in business and technical applications.

Metadata Tools

Using a set of smart data quality tools to capture existing catalogue and index information from various sources, Katalyst maps, cleans and matches metadata to unique IDs within the navigation data base. Our tools consist of four modules which combine all available information into one database. This database incorporates permanent links to navigation location data to provide a single-source, user-friendly online portal for locating and utilizing your data.

Cloud Management of Metadata

Katalyst can design and manage a cloud based storage system for subsurface data. Cloud storage systems are ideal for big data storage, machine learning applications and other analytics tools. Katalyst can work with you to create a storage architecture suited for your information management needs, including special requirements for flash storage, object based storage and unstructured data assets.

For more information on our metadata capture and database metadata management tools, please contact us.

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