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Data Management Services

Katalyst provides the only end-to-end subsurface data management solution. We provide a complete life cycle petroleum data management service for your seismic and well data archives from one of our full-service global data centers. We accept all forms of legacy data and convert the assets to an online digital form. Then, we manage the content within a PPDM database to ensure the data is quality-controlled and readily available for our clients. Our multi-cloud storage solution enables clients to easily access their data archives for interpretation, seismic processing or big data analytics.


Seismic Lines Managed

Katalyst Data Management

Data Management for Seismic Analytics and Interpretation

After Katalyst has transformed seismic and well data archives from aging media, customers can view and spatially interact with their organized data via iGlass, a hosted web-based ESRI GIS map interface for your PPDM database. Through this user-friendly online portal, you can access your geological and geophysical (G&G) information in just minutes. With iGlass, you can spend more time analyzing and less time searching for the assets you need. All of your validated and QC’d subsurface data will be exposed on the map and readily available for interpretation and data analytics.

In addition, iGlass users have the option of marketing their proprietary data on Katalyst’s e-brokerage website for subsurface data,

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Oil & Gas Data Management Services

Our oil and gas data management expertise encompasses the full life cycle of subsurface data in the E&P industry – from acquisition to analytics and every step in between. With over 40 years in the field of seismic data management, we have developed unique solutions specifically designed for the oil and gas exploration industry. These seismic and well data management solutions empower our clients to better understand, access and manage their data assets at a significantly lower cost structure than traditional methods.

Petroleum Data Management for Multiple Domains

Backed by client demand, what began as a seismic data management solution has expanded to encompass subsurface data types across multiple domains. In addition to seismic data, we are also able to manage microseismic, well logs and virtually any files associated with a well. To further enhance our solution, iGlass is now capable of handling the complexities of managing interpretation project archives, and all of the associated metadata that geoscientists often are unable to access with traditional storage methods.

Big Data Storage

Katalyst’s solution is ideal for big data storage solutions. Today’s oil and gas companies are embracing digital transformation and the advantages it brings to data processes, like machine learning and data protection. Katalyst’s petroleum data management solution supports these advanced data analysis and processes by providing:

  • The integration of a large number of data sources
  • Cost-effective storage system for large volumes of data
  • Public cloud and private cloud environments
  • Access to iGlass, a high performance, multi-cloud solution
  • A big data storage system for structured and unstructured data

For more information on oil and gas data management for your G&G data, please contact us.

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