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Well Data Management

Well data management requires a unique set of geological tools designed specifically for managing and accessing well data and well logs for the geoscientist. The iGlass subsurface data management solution supports these unique requirements for managing and accessing well logs, directional surveys, microseismic data and other associated well data files.  Well data management can be accessed in the PPDM Gold Compliant database alongside seismic data and interpretation project data in a single map view.


Well data management with the iGlass solution includes a single map view of all of your well data, seismic data and interpretation projects.

Well data management in iGlass begins with a robust well header, with both surface and bottom hole location references that will help you tie the data to other subsurface data like seismic, microseismic and interpretation projects.  The scope of inventory for each well is accessible on a map view, with attributes, search parameters and output formats designed for the geoscientist to pull data directly into their interpretation software.

Well Log Data Management For the Geologist

The complete inventory of well logs is tied to the well location, and the source metadata is classified and indexed to our iGlass PPDM database. Using our iGlass spatial portal, geologists can visually relate wells and well logs to the seismic lines and surveys and even the projects defined in ProjectDataStor (PDS), since wells, seismic and projects are all stored in iGlass. There is no requirement to bounce from one tool to another just to locate all of the critical information for your interpretation projects. The database has been certified PPDM Gold Compliant for seismic and well data, so that each domain can be queried based on the metadata requirements for each data type. The complete electronic well record can be accessed through iGlass and that data can be reviewed, selected and ordered for inclusion into the geoscientist’s technical project.

The iGlass database can support essentially all well log data, both digital and raster.

  • Digital – LAS, DLIS, LIS, XML WITSML
  • Raster – TIF, JPG, PDF

Well header information – robust well header and search parameters

PPDM Well Table

  • Well name and number
  • Unique ID/government ID’s
  • Operator
  • Spud/completion/rig release dates
  • License/lease/alias
  • Status/class/type
  • Elevation references
  • Ownership


  • Coordinate reference system (CSR)
  • Surface location
  • Bottom location
  • Directional surveys
  • Geopolitical locations/area

Well documents -populate metadata based on PPDM defined attributes

Formation Evaluation

  • Checkshot
  • Vertical seismic profile (VSP)
  • Microseismic
  • Core
  • Geochemistry
  • Tops
  • Well tests
  • Samples

Drilling and Completion

  • Regulatory
  • Schematics
  • Completion reports
  • Stimulation

Production and Operations

  • Production summaries, etc.

Well logs – searchable by mnemonics and curve classes, includes INT viewer visualization

PPDM Well Log tables

  • Log type
  • Log class/tools
  • Measurement while drilling/logging while drilling (MWD/LWD)
  • Mud logs
  • Wireline
  • Run

Digital Attributes

  • Curve dictionaries
  • Curve mnemonics
  • Log curve class
  • Logging company

Raster Attributes

  • Log class
  • Georeference files

Well Data Management for the Interpreter

The entire scope of well files associated with a well location are stored within an inventory module, accessible and searchable according to PPDM-defined attributes, so that interpreters can easily access and download the well files they need into their interpretation environment.

Well data management inventory items in iGlass include, but is not limited to:

  • Well header
  • Well logs
  • Directional surveys
  • Core reports
  • Core photos
  • Check-shot surveys
  • DIP files
  • Drilling/completion reports
  • Fluid samples
  • Fracture analysis
  • Microseismic
  • Regulatory documents

Well Data Management for the Oil and Gas Company

Well data management for the oil and gas company should be part of a broader subsurface data management vision for a centralized multi-domain system to manage and store your subsurface data in a single interface.  The well life cycle involves many different functions in an organization and various layers of systems and processes that all look at well data from different perspectives and priorities. The iGlass well data module was designed to support every well data type across the well data life cycle within a structured PPDM database.

With iGlass as the central hub for all of your subsurface data, well data management can be integrated with your seismic data management and provide convenient access to the data that geoscientists need for their projects.  Katalyst has developed processes along the entire well data life cycle to enable oil and gas companies to see their data in context and build a well list in minutes.

For the broader vision of E&P data management, the Katalyst 360 analytics platform gives oil and gas companies a 360 view of their well data management programs alongside seismic and other subsurface data types.  The dashboards and reports in Katalyst 360 provide insights into how geoscientists and exploration managers can get the most value from their subsurface asset investment.

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