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Data management for seismic and well data volumes can present an endless amount of issues and challenges. Our geophysical and geological consultants and data scientists have many years of experience in managing seismic and well data, and we’re excited to be able to share webinars on issues from digital transformation and cloud computing to data compliance and entitlement.

The data management webinars are available to view at your convenience – see details below.

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Data Management Webinars

Building Roadmaps for Managing Data in a NDR

In the ever-evolving digital age, the effective management of data is paramount for sustainable development, innovation, and informed decision-making. This webinar, “Building Roadmaps for Managing Data in a National Data Repository,” explores the intricacies of establishing and maintaining a robust framework for managing E&P datasets within a national context.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge on designing comprehensive data strategies, built around industry accepted use cases, and leveraging adoption of data standards. This webinar aims to empower professionals, policymakers, and data enthusiasts with the tools and knowledge needed to harness the full potential of a national data repository, fostering a data-driven culture that accelerates Exploration & Production progress.

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Is Your Data As Good As Your Opportunity?

Listen to Gordon Hay’s presentation about how Katalyst can handle your data management needs.

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Data Management Brings New Energy to New Energy

CCUS is important to the future of new energy, exploring for and evaluating potential reservoirs uses data we already know and understand (wells, seismic, VSP, microseismic) as we evaluate deep saline reservoirs. Monitoring these reservoirs is expected to generate PB’s of new data; fibre optics (DAS data) to measure strain, acoustics, temperature as well as InSAR data and soil gas monitoring. Data strategy will be critical as we move into long life cycle, data intensive monitoring.

In this webinar, Sue Carr, Solutions Manager, Subsurface Consultant for Katalyst Data Management, will discuss what is driving the interest in carbon capture, the lifecycle of a carbon capture project, and how Katalyst is uniquely qualified to help with your carbon capture data management requirements.

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Geoscience Online

Geoscience Online (G.O.) is an initiative supported by Katalyst Data Management’s Geopost platform to track knowledge and increase the efficiency of geoscience projects. It provides a web-based dynamic environment accessed by any computer or portable device during classes or for research purposes.

In this webinar, Igor Aquilino will explore how Geopost is being used as a tool to promote the continuity of research projects while also improving the collaboration between industry and the academic environment. Jeff Storms, Project Consultant for University of Houston, will be showcasing the work done involving CBTH and Geopost.

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The Role of Digital Data in Decarbonizing Energy

With energy organizations across industry sectors moving toward decarbonizing their energy production and supply chains, it is time to understand the role and impact of digital data in supporting the transition to low-carbon projects. In this webinar, we will review applications of digital data types, some very familiar and some new and novel, to the transformation of the energy industry.

Have you wondered where to find well data that would support the search for battery minerals or how shallow seismic can be re-purposed to evaluate locations for offshore wind turbines? Tune in to learn something new!!

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Global Data Operations

With the ever-increasing data requirements for business processes and government/partner obligations, ensuring that data is delivered efficiently to the end user is ever more critical. Global data operations can lessen administrative and logistical requirements and optimize data movement in and out of the organization. This webinar will explore data delivery challenges and discuss how global data operations can streamline data delivery workflows and processes.

Femi Makanjuola, Global Program Manager for Katalyst, will discuss organizational challenges with Global Data Operations and Katalyst’s unique approach to data delivery requirements.

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Introduction to Geopost

Katalyst Data Management recently acquired Geopost, a Brazil based oil and gas data aggregation and analysis platform and Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider. In this webinar, Christiano Lopes, the CEO of Geopost, will introduce the platform and discuss how the incorporation of Katalyst and Geopost’s technology will enhance our industry-leading applications.

Geopost provides instant access to data related to the E&P market (e.g., seismic data, interpretations, wells, production charts, bidding round history, E&P assets, and others). Everything is built into a fluid and easy-to-use platform. The environment combines the customer’s private library with automatically updated information covering all aspects of Brazil’s E&P Offshore and Onshore activities. Geopost is an essential tool for your technical and business team.

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Cloud Data Guidelines

Organizations in the resource sector are rapidly gaining experience with managing technical data in the cloud. As they increasingly look to commercial cloud offerings to manage their data, they are also identifying the need to develop a set of best practices and data governance principles for cloud data management.

In this webinar, we will consider data governance for organizations planning or expanding their use of cloud data platforms. Examples will include: how data governance enables more efficient access to existing petro-technical data, the unique challenges of working with data on clouds in jurisdictions with data sovereignty or data privacy considerations, and the way that data standards are being adopted and adapted for use with cloud data platforms.

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Outsourcing Tape Services

Outsourcing Tape Services

There are a multitude of data storage media and devices that have been utilized in the energy industry, yet after decades, we are still investing in hardware that is used less frequently and needs replacing. Why is this? With an increase in working from home and general office downsizing, it may be time to question whether onsite media reading capabilities is even needed. Can ingestion of data occur without anyone in the company having to read it?

Craig Jones, Business Development Manager for Katalyst in the EAME region, will provide a quick look at how tape services can be outsourced and what benefits this can involve.

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Katalyst Data Management

Kick Starting your Asset Acquisitions & Dispositions

Trish Mulder will provide a process overview for selling or acquiring an asset, questions to ask yourself through the process and how Katalyst can assist you every step of the way.

Trish Mulder Director of Business Development for at Katalyst Data Management: a seismic data expert with over 20 years of experience in data and asset management at both E&P and service companies. Trish has extensive knowledge within the Acquisition and Divestiture environment and a strong vision for the future of data transactions, entitlements and compliance.

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Katalyst Data Management

60% no more! Solving your data management challenges by “1,000 cuts”

There are more options than ever before for databases, applications, storage and compute to solve the data challenges faced by the energy industry, yet after 30 years, we are still being told that “60% of our time” is spent finding and organizing data for geoscientists. Why is this? How can we move past the initial step of data gathering to real digital transformation that takes full advantage of the growing field of data science?

Shawn New, Principal Consultant for Katalyst in the US, will provide a quick look at the history of energy data management, discuss organizational challenges to data strategy and the current reality of data as an asset, and share ideas on how to deliver measurable results for your data management projects.

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OSDU™ Data Platform: The Promise and the Journey

The Open Group OSDU™ Forum was established in order to deliver a technology agnostic platform to the energy industry. Much like the disruption promised by the emergence of commercial cloud solutions in the oil and gas industry, OSDU™ Data Platform offers the promise of a platform that transforms the way that companies use technology and design workflows, allowing users to ‘plug and play’ technology and build workflows that are comprised of best in class products and technology.

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E&P Master Data Management: Why now?

Master Data Management (MDM) allows energy companies to track and manage their corporate assets (wells, facilities, seismic) across an organization and as an industry. Join our next webinar on March 24th when Sue Carr asks the question: What is master data management (MDM), what is domain MDM (dMDM)?

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E&P Data Governance Starts with Strategy

Data Governance: Start with Strategy
Hands-On Data Series

A data governance model should be fit for purpose, and understanding your company’s objectives will help ensure you build the right model to enable a pathway to excellence. Join us for a closer look at the relationship between business strategy and data governance and how to align the two for success.

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The Canadian Well Identification System (CWIS) – Not Your Daddy’s UWI
Presented at Geoconvention 2020 and PPDM Virtual Forum

The oil and gas industry in Canada requires a well identifier that addresses the way we do business today, the way we drill wells today. This discussion will explore those business requirements driving the necessity of this change, focusing on answering why we might want to add the new Canadian Well Identifier System Standard to our tool belt.

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Using Data Right: Ownership and Entitlements
Hands-On Data Series

Understanding your ownership and usage rights for your seismic and well data are critical components of protecting your subsurface assets. Join us for a closer look at understanding your rights as a data owner and a data user, and how to ensure that your organization operates within those rights to protect your investment.

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Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

Find Your Subsurface Data Now: Leveraging Elasticsearch
Hands-On Data Series

Finding data can be tricky business if you’re not sure where to look. Wouldn’t it be great if locating the subsurface data you need was as easy as searching the Internet? Join us for a preview for the new search service within iGlass Portal, powered by Elasticsearch™.

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Data Quality: A Solid Foundation
Hands-On Data Series

Having the solid foundation of a complete, reliable data set in your subsurface database is an ongoing quest for the oil and gas company. This Hands-On Data webinar will demonstrate real-world applications and practices to ensure that your subsurface database quality is rock-solid.

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Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights
Hands-On Data Series

The volume of subsurface data that is being acquired and made available is rapidly increasing. This Hands-On Data session offers a first look at the new Katalyst 360 analytics platform and how it provides a 360 degree view of the flow of seismic and well data throughout your organization.

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Remote Seismic Data Loading: From Archive to Interpretation
Hands-On Data Series

Getting new subsurface data into the hands of geoscientists can be challenging in today’s unusual work environment. This webinar will show how you can bypass traditional data loading and transfer processes, and securely load seismic data into your data management and workstation environments without ever actually physically handling the data.

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Revealing Your Data to the Right People

As subsurface databases become larger, cover more geographical areas and contain multiple business units’ data, companies are challenged with regulating access to certain datasets. Using the iGlass database and entitlements module, you can easily limit who sees what data and what actions they can take with it.

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Working Online: Katalyst, IHS Markit & Your Data

Is working online allowing you to manage your data licensing needs? Now more than ever, our industry will rely upon online transactions and communications. Join us to see how Katalyst and IHS Markit are working to change the paradigm for the online seismic data marketplace.

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Data Speaks: Considering the Cloud

Are you considering the cloud?  This talk will look at the drivers behind this radical change to how oil and gas companies approach their data and IT infrastructure, the perceived benefits of going to the cloud, and what they are finding as they evaluate data management in commercial cloud environments.

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OSDU – Katalyst and the OSDU™ Platform

Richard Davis, SVP & CIO and Debasis Chatterjee, Director of Research & Analytics
Katalyst has been a member of OSDU™ Forum since shortly after its formation in 2018, contributing development and management resources to the Forum. As this platform evolves, companies are increasingly interested in how the OSDU Data Platform may transform the way they deploy data and applications in the future. Please join Debasis Chatterjee, Katalyst’s Director of Research and Development, as he demonstrates our current state and future plans as it relates to OSDU Data Platform.

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The iGlass wells module – multi-domain data in a single space

Patrick Meroney, Vice President of US Operations
Incorporating well data into your subsurface data management strategy, alongside seismic and interpretation, falls in line with the bigger picture of data governance for your organization. The iGlass well data module was designed with this in mind. Come see how to manage your electronic well file in iGlass.

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iGlass Portal ES – Industry leading functionality in a multi-cloud environment

James Lamb, Senior VP Global Sales & Marketing and Patrick Meroney, Vice President of US Operations
Portal ES is the first implementation of ElasticsearchTM technology in the subsurface data management industry, and makes finding the data you need easier than ever before. In a world where hybrid cloud solutions are becoming the norm, let us show you how to manage your data in these complicated environments in the industry’s easiest and most user friendly tool.

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Analytics Meets iGlass – Katalyst 360™

Vinay Murli, Chief Data Scientist
Katalyst 360 provides an analytics platform that sits directly on top of the subsurface data within iGlass and enables powerful analytics right out of the box. In addition, the Katalyst 360 curated dashboards and tools give you valuable insight into your digital transformation program and data operations. Come and see how the analytics reporting and visualization tools can be customized to provide the most value for your organization.

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Seismic Data Quality: The Big Scary Monster

Seismic data quality means having the solid foundation of a complete reliable dataset in your subsurface database, an ongoing quest for oil and gas companies. How can you stand behind your projects and investments if you’re not certain that they’re built upon quality seismic and well data? Oil and gas companies with assets in multiple countries around the world manage many petabytes of seismic and well data. If there are data quality issues, it can […]

Oil and Gas Data Analytics - Subsurface Data Becomes Natrual Resource

The volume of new subsurface data that is being acquired and made available is rapidly increasing.  Meanwhile large digital transformation projects are also unlocking legacy data. Many oil and gas companies are finding themselves with data assets from multiple countries that are being transformed into digital resources that could be used for oil and gas data analytics. Further complicating the asset trail, some of these companies are still acquiring and merging with other companies, requiring […]

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