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Well Log Digitizing Service

Do you have volumes of aging, hard copy well log documents in storage or sitting under the desk? Are they at risk of deterioration or damage?  Katalyst’s well log digitizing services can ensure that these valuable well log documents are preserved, digitally archived and made accessible for further interpretation and workstation processing now and for the future.

With more than 20 years of technical well log experience, combined with our cutting edge well log digitizing software and state of the art scanning capabilities, we are uniquely qualified to provide an all-encompassing well log data management solution that not only preserves the hard copy documents you have, but adds value to and enhances the data once digitized.


Our digital transformation solution not only preserves hard copy documents, but adds value to and enhances the data once digitized.

Scanning and Digitizing Well Logs

Our well log digitizing services include high quality scanning and image editing services, automated tracing routines, and quality enhancement features and correctional functions/algorithms for adjusting warped and stretched logs. In addition, data verification for the interpretation of multiple intersecting tracks and curves on a single log are provided to ensure consistent tracking.

Katalyst can handle all formats of well log inputs – including but not limited to TIFF, JPEG, and BMP log images. A wide variety of data formats such as LIS, DLIS, LAS and ASCII files can be processed or output.

Katalyst Data Management - Well Logs

Once hard copy well logs are digitized, these are quality-checked by our highly experienced data management team and then converted into a variety of output formats.

If required, a digitized backup copy of the digitized well log data can easily be made for data recovery purposes or sharing with internal or third parties.

Well log digitizing projects can include any or all of the following processes:


  • Database analysis
  • Data selection and retrieval
  • Identification and elimination of duplicates
  • Scanning of well logs, reports and other paper documents
  • Output scanned images in TIFF, JPEG or PDF format on any media
  • Data extraction from documents by OCR

Tape Verification and Editing

  • Read and recover digital data from tape
  • Repair damaged files
  • Reformat from well log data to industry standards
  • Extract selected data, curves or specified depth intervals
  • Overlay digital data on to scanned images of paper logs
  • Identify missing digital curve data
  • Conversion of VSP data to SEGY
  • Create or update indexes/databases


  • Digitize well log curves
  • Digitize depth, dip, azimuth and quality from tadpole plots
  • Depth matching of curves
  • Splicing of curves to create composite logs
  • Output digital data in LIS or LAS format on any media

After digitizing well logs, Katalyst can include these well locations as an iGlass or SeismicZone.com GIS layer for ease of access and downloading

For more information on our well log digitizing services, please contact us.