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Data Governance

When guiding you through the process of establishing governance for your organization, our consultants will help you establish the essentials for success: making sure you understand your business strategy, and ensuring you have executive support.

The Core Questions We Will Ask You:

  • What does your organization want to be the best at?
  • What business problems have your top priorities?
  • What is the role that data governance plays in helping you succeed?
  • Do you want to innovate? Do you excel at controls and process?
    Somewhere in between?

Data Governance absolutely has to be fit for purpose and the good news is it can be. Our consultants will help you frame your expectations
and your objectives to ensure that the outcome is a success.

Where do you sit on this balance?

Recognized for thought leadership, our team has designed and successfully implemented petrotechnical data management strategies for multiple energy organizations using standardized and industry accepted optimum practices.

Data governance is not an outcome, but a set of processes and procedures that ensure that your data management environment is sustainable and enables your organization to achieve better business results. Like any other engagement, our consulting services group has industry leading tools and processes to support their recognized industry leading subsurface data expertise. That combination is what makes them a perfect fit to help you design and implement data governance in your organization.

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