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GIS/ Geomatics

With millions of dollars invested in acquisition and analysis of data in order to choose a well location, it is surprising that in many cases the location of source data – or even the location of the well – can be incorrect.

Before you drill in existing fields, what is the value of validating existing well positions? Think about it this way:

  • In any project, risk due to uncertainty lowers potential value.
  • Confidence is built with certainty. Value increases with certainty.
  • Validation shores up confidence and certainty. Validation builds value.

Did you know that 60% or more of the information held in a company’s well header data is related to positioning. As-drilled surface position is the key to which all other data connects. Yet most energy company databases are built over years from various sources and without proper validation of positioning for critical data items.

Do your leadership and business teams know:

  • Where the well locations are that impact their decision making?
  • What are the source origins?
  • How is that knowledge retained?
  • Is there a governance policy and a process in place to ensure data integrity?

Katalyst offers a solution to assure the integrity of your data assets. We have a geomatics-driven data validation process which imposes a QC/validation control “gate”, positioned before the data is loaded into a governed master store and later used in business operations.

Our experts offer a consistent proven process that engages your staff with expert knowledge and systems and visible verification of the results. It is the governance-ready solution that enables geospatial integrity.

Our goal is to provide an understanding of the errors, to provide a visible image of every well, a reference with which to judge the well locations, a classification system and a fully georeferenced picture which becomes part of any future well review.

This product will become your trusted sole source for surface well location understanding.

Contact our team in order to find out how we can de-risk this data and add value to your organization.