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Managed Services

Oil and gas companies maintain sophisticated systems for managing their subsurface data. In the past several years, these systems have been stressed by the convergence of several factors:

  • Rapidly increasing data volumes
  • Corporate initiatives such as migration to the cloud and the OSDU™ Platform
  • Massive reduction of internal expertise

This presents oil and gas companies with a dilemma: how to maintain an increasingly complicated environment, serving the consumers of subsurface data, with less and less resources available to them? More companies are turning to Katalyst Managed Services as a solution.

Katalyst Managed Services outsources the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating need for a range of our customers’ processes and functions in order to improve operations and reduce spending.

There are a wide array of services that we can manage on behalf of our customers and they can take place remotely or on-prem. A few of the most popular are:

Data Operations:

Engaging Katalyst Data Operations allows companies to offload all functions relating to the ingress and egress of subsurface data in their organization. Whether in or out, to partners, government, or service providers, we have proven to several companies that we make this happen faster and lower the cost associated with it. Your data remains sequestered at all times, and dedicated pipes to your company ensure you get your hands on the data as quickly as possible.

Onsite Consulting:

Enhancing your organization’s capabilities on a short or long term basis by bringing in external expertise is a relatively common practice in our industry. What makes Katalyst’s consultants different? We can bring a higher level of domain expertise by supplying you with recognized industry experts. In addition, we remain focused on the task-at-hand, and when it’s done, we leave. We aren’t there to find more and more jobs to do.

Asset Acquisition or Divestiture:

Acquiring or divesting of assets is an increasingly common occurrence, and one that can have material impact on the value of your company. It is also fraught with uncertainty and risk. In addition to estimating the long-term value of the asset, a mass of supporting subsurface data needs to be
assessed and managed. Our consultants are industry experts in the understanding ownership and entitlements surrounding this data, and we can manage this process on our customers’ behalf.

Our services:

  • Guidance on structuring deal for transferring seismic
  • Ownership research
  • License agreements review and advisement
  • Seismic valuations
  • Data room management and auditing
  • Expertise in building workstation and interpretation projects
  • Virtual and physical data room management
  • Purchase & Sale (P&S) agreement review and advisement
  • License transfer fee negotiations

The essence of Katalyst Managed Services is meeting the specific needs of our customers and our ability to do that is why this is the fastest growing part of our company. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.