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Strategic & Executive

At Katalyst, we understand that part of helping energy companies execute on their business strategies means improving their digital strategies. We do this by providing seamless, efficient access to all the relevant available data across a broad spectrum of users and business processes.

When working with our customers, we first establish a clear understanding of our client’s business strategies. In what aspect does your business want to be the leader? Being a world leader in wildcat exploration will likely require a different digital strategy than being the low cost shale operator, for instance, and all of the work we do must align with our customers’ strategy.

Our Principal Consultants have over 120 years combined experience in the Energy industry. But experience alone won’t get the job done; we also come with a full methodology for helping you meet your goals: Assess, Plan, Do, Review.


This process is not just about identifying opportunities and gaps; it is about establishing an in-depth understanding of your processes and objectives. This process provides the data with which we build the plan.

We have well established tools that we use to help us do this.

Engagements Interviews:

To gain a complete and accurate understanding of our client’s business process, workflows, data flows and bottlenecks we conduct a series of interviews with its in-scope Departments and Teams. These short, but structured interviews ensure consistent data gathering but also allow for subjective but insightful comments.



After gaining a detailed understanding of our customers’ desired outcomes, we begin assessing your data management maturity, focusing on the data types that drive your business. Using weighted scorecards help us develop a program that is focused on data improvement initiatives that align with your business goals and also provide a quick way to prioritize the initiatives you tackle first.


A complete assessment allows us to build to a Prioritized Data Management Program.

This is The Plan: A program of initiatives building on one another with milestone reviews and stage gates ensuring you are getting the value and improvements you need and expect.

A priority at this stage is to help your business achieve a fit for purpose Data Governance model. This is a critical success factor for the plan and it
helps ensure organizational readiness.


At this stage we can develop these requirements into a multi-phase RFP or we can help transition these initiatives directly into our Katalyst Operations
team for implementation, or any combination of both.

Review :

Whether we provide the implementation services or you choose to insource those services, we can help you review your progress with a standard service improvement survey. You cannot improve what you do not measure, so reviewing key KPI’s and continually surveying your user-base to ensure you are moving in the right direction is necessary. We have a series of surveys that will help ensure you are improving against a known baseline. If improvement deviates from the plan, we can develop specific plans to get back on track.