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iGlass is the Solution for Managing Well Data

Many oil and gas companies struggle with the best way to manage their well logs. “Gold standard” logs, derivative logs, new incoming logs, and the multiple versions used and created while interpreting make it a huge challenge to maintain an organized data set. Adding to this challenge is the fact that it’s easy to just ‘file away’ logs in a home-grown system or on shared file systems. This is an easy first step but unfortunately creates big and difficult problems in the future.

With the iGlass well log module, companies now have the ability to manage well logs in a system that provides you with all the functionality that you need and also view, search for, and order your logs in context with all of your other subsurface data. This means you no longer have to search for seismic in one systems, unstructured project data in another, and wells and well logs in yet another.

With all the functionality that you would expect from the leading subsurface digital transformation company in the industry, and built on the PPDM data model, iGlass Portal ES and Editor ES are industrial strength applications built on a proven platform. This allows you to manage users, access and entitlement, security, and disaster recovery in one single system.

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