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Ask a Data Manager – Call for Questions

Q&A Webcast Series Coming Soon!

Overwhelmed by the volumes of records and processes needed for subsurface data management? We’re here to help! Send us your data management questions, issues and concerns, and we will address them at a Q&A webcast presentation coming soon!

Each submission will be reviewed by our team of subsurface data management experts. At the webcast, former geophysical advisor and records management team lead Trish Mulder and subsurface consulting manager Sue Carr will present the answers along with some actionable steps to help your organization navigate the challenges of data management.

Submit your data management question via our online contact form.  Questions will remain anonymous for the answer presentation.

Previous Webinars

Not sure which questions to ask?  You can view one of our previously recorded webinars to get some insight on best data management practices, and let us know which subjects you’d like us to expand on.

“Is Your License at Risk?: Source of Truth” (contact us to view recording)

Topics covered include:

  • Migration and metadata quality processes
  • Reconciling metadata from various sources
  • Dividing and conquering volumes of records
  • Action items to help your organization

“Seismic Data Governance: Is Your License at Risk?” (contact us to view recording)

Topics covered include:

  • High level compliance discussion
  • Subsurface data audit issues
  • Subsurface assets integration considerations

“Entitlement Essentials: Understanding Options” (contact us to view recording)

Topics covered include:

  • Data ownership best practices
  • Getting the most value from your seismic data
  • Online marketing and licensing options

Our subsurface data management experts will review questions covering these issues and more at our first Q&A webcast presentation.

Click here to submit your data management question via our contact form.