Building Roadmaps for Managing Data in a NDR Webinar

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Building Roadmaps for Managing Data in a NDR Webinar

In the ever-evolving digital age, the effective management of data is paramount for sustainable development, innovation, and informed decision-making. This webinar, “Building Roadmaps for Managing Data in a National Data Repository,” explores the intricacies of establishing and maintaining a robust framework for managing E&P datasets within a national context.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge on designing comprehensive data strategies, built around industry accepted use cases, and leveraging adoption of data standards. This webinar aims to empower professionals, policymakers, and data enthusiasts with the tools and knowledge needed to harness the full potential of a national data repository, fostering a data-driven culture that accelerates Exploration & Production progress.

Join us live on Wednesday, November 29th at 10:00am GMT

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Meet the Presenters

Rhys Blake is a highly accomplished Sales and Business Development Manager with over a decade of experience in the Oil and Gas and Software industries. He has a proven track record of success in driving revenue growth, spearheading product development initiatives, and ensuring customer success. Rhys is also an expert in scientific data management and has a strong track record of fostering impactful international collaborations with governments and prominent oil companies.

Jess Kozman has been a professional data management practitioner since the early 1980’s, specializing in digital data for the resource industry. His roles have included exploration geophysics, IT management, and consulting for national and international petroleum and minerals organizations, government agencies, and service providers. Jess maintains professional qualifications in earth sciences, data quality, and project management. He is currently based in Perth, but moving to Katalyst’s Americas headquarters to expand offerings of the consulting service line.

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