Digital Transformation for E&P Means Closer Look at Data Management

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Digital Transformation for E&P Means Closer Look at Data Management

Geoscience industry turns to consultants to bring data up to speed
As published on the BOE Report

Digital transformation for E&P could revolutionize the subsurface data programs for companies whose vast data archives reside on paper or some other form of inaccessible legacy media. The transition from legacy media and “paper to digits” for seismic, well logs, well files, maps, graphics and reports will be imperative for the industry to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Creating a searchable, accessible digital version of all data types, from seismic and well data to interpretation projects, will be imperative for E&P companies to have the ability to capture the value of both historical and current data in their analytics platforms and interpretation software.

Required skills: seismic and well data experience

Transforming data is not as simple as scanning a piece of paper or copying a tape.  Working knowledge of seismic and well data is essential to develop a useful data management program.  Unfortunately, many companies have been forced to reduce their geoscience staff in recent years, leaving companies lean on expertise and resources to properly manage their subsurface data.

Katalyst Data Management has answered this issue by establishing a team of industry-recognized, experienced petroleum data managers and geotechs to assist oil and gas companies with their data management programs.  Their team of subsurface data consultants have skills ranging from geology and geophysics to data formats and data applications.

With the digital transformation for E&P, many oil and gas companies need assistance with digitization, data loading and data management, simply because their geoscience staff must focus their time on value-add projects, rather than subsurface data management.  The subsurface consultants at Katalyst are meant to compliment or augment an organization’s data management team, flexible to their specific needs for support.

Prioritize data management efforts

To keep the conversation going, Katalyst recently launched a “Data Speaks” knowledge-sharing series to help companies prioritize their data management efforts through the transformation from legacy seismic and well data management methods to modern technology.  Their first session focused on the importance of data managers and data management in the new era of IOT, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and new technology.

In addition, Katalyst is excited to be co-presenting with IBM at the PPDM Data Management Symposium. They will take a look at the hype around the buzz word AI, and the multi-step process involved in getting to AI that begins with simply asking “Why?” The presenters will include Sue Carr, Solutions Manager of Consulting Services at Katalyst Data Management and Rob Burton, Technology Thought Leader at IBM.

While the value of big data analytics to E&P programs is still evolving, the digital transformation is a reality for everyone involved in subsurface data management. Katalyst is focused on a multi-cloud, service-oriented strategy to guide the geoscience industry through the challenges of this process, on their mission to “digitize the world.”

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