Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Steve Darnell, CEO of Katalyst Data Management, discusses digital transformation in the oil and gas industry

Complemented by large volumes of usable data, the evolution of computational hardware and software creates new opportunities for technological innovation in the energy industry. Digital transformation adopts existing technologies (such as cloud services) and develops new technologies (such as machine learning applications) that improve business processes.

In this conversation with host Andrew Geary, Steve Darnell discusses how digital transformation improves business processes in-depth. He emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity, how to start the digitalization process and highlights the common obstacles companies face when embracing digital transformation. He also comments on the common misperceptions and the hidden benefits of embracing digital advancements. This conversation on digital transformation connects to all parts of the oil and gas workflow and showcases the value proposition for companies.


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