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Geoscience Online (G.O.) is an initiative supported by Katalyst Data Management’s Geopost platform to track knowledge and increase the efficiency of geoscience projects. It provides a web-based dynamic environment accessed by any computer or portable device during classes or for research purposes.

In this webinar, Igor Aquilino will explore how Geopost is being used as a tool to promote the continuity of research projects while also improving the collaboration between industry and the academic environment. Jeff Storms, Project Consultant for University of Houston, will be showcasing the work done involving CBTH and Geopost.

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Meet the Presenters

Igor Aquilino is a Production Engineer who joined Geopost (now acquired by Katalyst Data Management ) in 2018 and has contributed to the company’s growth by establishing new strategies to create and promote valuable content within the platform and on social media. He has a leading role in implementing data management solutions for various clients among oil companies, service providers and universities.

Jeff Storms is a Project Consultant employed by the CBTH Project since 2007. His key roles include project and database management, preparing and tracking manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals, providing technical support to students and researchers, creating and distributing project deliverables, and generating graphic design work in ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

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