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Introducing Katalyst Data Management’s Digitize The World Tour

Digitize the World Tour | Katalyst Data Management

The world of subsurface data management is changing. Most of us have heard and felt the changes we are experiencing as part of the digital revolution. Whether it’s digital transformation, data analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence, it all requires a vast amount of content to take advantage these revolutionary technologies.

The first step in this revolution is digital transformation. Tremendous amounts of subsurface data must be made digital. As a result, we are excited to have launched Katalyst Data Management’s “Digitize The World Tour,” to introduce the industry across the globe to the resources available to execute a successful digital transformation plan for your subsurface data.


The Digitize The World Tour will take place at geoscience trade shows and events in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. On the tour, Katalyst will have local team members on hand to show you exactly the kind of care and resources we invest in our subsurface data management programs, beginning with the digital transformation services and continuing through the complete subsurface data life cycle. We’ll show how you can take the next step in digital transformation, no matter which stage you’re currently in.

Katalyst operates full service datacenters in Calgary, Houston, Sittingbourne, Perth and Kuala Lumpur. Our team is dedicated to improving the value of subsurface data and reducing risk through our numerous digital transformation solutions services, including tape transcription, indexing, QC, loading, cloud services and data recovery and scanning services.

We look forward to beginning the digital transformation journey with oil and gas companies to help them unleash their data’s potential for machine learning, artificial intelligence and the digital revolution. After all, data management never ends.


Visit our Digitize The World Tour page to find out when we’ll be in a location near you in the coming months and to see post-show summaries and pictures from the previous shows. Or you can contact us to schedule a time to meet with our local team members to learn more about the digital transformation services available in your area.

Our next stop on the tour is the EAGE London.  Be sure to visit the Tour page for post-show reports and highlights after the conference wraps up!