Introduction to Geopost

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Introduction to Geopost

Katalyst Data Management recently acquired Geopost, a Brazil based oil and gas data aggregation and analysis platform and Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider. In this webinar, Christiano Lopes, the CEO of Geopost, will introduce the platform and discuss how the incorporation of Katalyst and Geopost’s technology will enhance our industry-leading applications.

Geopost provides instant access to data related to the E&P market (e.g., seismic data, interpretations, wells, production charts, bidding round history, E&P assets, and others). Everything is built into a fluid and easy-to-use platform. The environment combines the customer’s private library with automatically updated information covering all aspects of Brazil’s E&P Offshore and Onshore activities. Geopost is an essential tool for your technical and business team.

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Meet the Presenter

Christiano Lopes built a solid career working in the E&P segment over the last 20 years, specializing in building workflows that support the understanding of the prospectivity of an asset by accessing multiple data sources. His past roles include seismic acquisition and processing, exploration geophysics, project economic evaluation, and finally, leading the group that created the Geopost platform. He is currently based in Rio and has the mission to expand Geopost services to other regions around the globe and manage Katalyst Data Management services in South America.


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