Katalyst announces Sub-Surface Data Management solution

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Katalyst announces Sub-Surface Data Management solution powered by Microsoft Energy Data Services

Houston, Texas (September 28, 2022)- Katalyst Data Management announces the release of its Sub-Surface Data Management solution powered by Microsoft Energy Data Services. This solution was developed to allow seamless data loading to the OSDU™ Data Platform.

Katalyst Supports Customers on their OSDU Journey

Katalyst is the leading subsurface data management service provider in the industry. Managing over 95 petabytes of their customers’ data, and adding on average one petabyte a month to that total, Katalyst has proven to be a trusted solution. 23 petabytes of that data is currently on Azure.

“Data management is critical to our customers’ success. Where the data is doesn’t change that equation. Working with the Open Group, we have identified where we can add the most value for the OSDU™ Data Platform,” said Katalyst’s SVP and CIO, Richard Davis.

Data loading to the OSDU™ Data Platform is currently a bottleneck. Katalyst has developed industry leading accelerators to address this and is currently developing more accelerators in addition to those listed below, which will further enhance the OSDU™ Data Platform experience.

The value of these accelerators  is  the seamless  load of thousands of records into an OSDU™ Data Platform, all in alignment with the OSDU™ Technical Standard.

  • A reference data manager
  • A meta data loader for Master records
  • A Well Log Loader (LAS, DLIS)
  • A Document Loader (pdf)
  •  A Seismic Loader (SEGY)

Master Data Catalog Records (from Excel)
The Excel loader is a manifest based ingestion for creating master data records. This loader makes it easy for loading meta data into the OSDU™ Data Platform using an Excel template.

Well Log (LAS, DLIS)
The well log loader allows the extraction of well logs. The data will be pulled from LAS files and loaded into the OSDU™ Data Platform.

Documents (pdf)
The document loader allows for tying documents to a specific master data type.

Seismic (SEGY)
Allows extracted data to be uploaded to the OSDU™ Data Platform storage and metadata record loaded to OSDU™ Data Platform instance.

Loading data into the OSDU™ Data Platform.

Develop loaders, a reference data manager, and a search and order portal to facilitate this on the OSDU™ Data Platform.

Customer Value:
The combination of Katalyst’s industry leading data management expertise and the work of the Open Group enables the creation of accelerators to allow Operators to benefit quickly from the OSDU™ Data Platform.

Katalyst solutions for the OSDU™ Data Platform

In addition to the data loaders described above, Katalyst provides a Search and Order portal allowing both text and map based search. This Search and Order portal facilitates the location of data of interest and the copying of that data into a consumption space that supports your workflow. We also provide a reference data manager for creating or editing your reference data.

Katalyst has successfully deployed an OSDU™ Data Platform instance powered by Azure Data Manager for Energy (ADME) and tested the following:
• User creation
• Populated demo and reference data
• Core services and DDMS for wells and seismic
• Katalyst 360 Analytics (Power BI) connector

• Streamlines proofs of concept and testing of the OSDU™ Data Platform
• Makes ingestion to OSDU™ Data Platform more efficient
• Continues to expand integration opportunities between the OSDU™ Data Platform and external data sources

Katalyst transforms the way that companies use technology and design workflows, allowing users to ‘plug and play’ technology and build workflows that are comprised of best in class products and technology.

The accelerator tools are also available for OSDU™ Data Platform on AWS.

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