Katalyst Continues to Digitise the World at EAGE London 3-6 June 2019 - Katalyst Data Management

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Katalyst Continues to Digitise the World at EAGE London 3-6 June 2019

Digitise the World

Digital Transformation – Search Less. Explore More.
Learn More at EAGE #1060.

Discover how digital transformation benefits your company at EAGE London on 3-6 June 2019. Stop by Katalyst Booth #1060 for a one-on-one presentation to explore the possibilities for your subsurface data management program. We’ll share how oil and gas companies can prepare their G&G data to harness the powers of AI, automation and cloud computing in order to boost production and reduce risk.

This year’s EAGE Conference in London is the 81st annual meeting for the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.  As with many conferences over the past year, digital transformation for E&P data promises to be a hot topic, and we are excited to present our signatures solutions to guide your company through the “paper to digits” transition.

The PPDM Gold Compliant iGlass database now manages over 40 petabytes of data. Get a demo at EAGE to learn more about the tools available to users who want to take their subsurface data management program to the next level in preparation for data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Find seismic data available for license in your area of interest on the SeismicZone e-brokerage map. The online data marketplace has 2D and 3D data available around the globe for instant quality inspection.

If you would like to schedule a demo at the show or request a complimentary day pass for Thursday of EAGE, please contact us.