Katalyst Data Management Exhibits at Virtual Booth for SEG 2020 - Katalyst Data Management

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Katalyst Data Management Exhibits at Virtual Booth for SEG 2020

SEG 2020

Connect with Katalyst at the SEG 2020 Online Experience
at our SEG Virtual Booth or Virtual Chat Room.

Get the latest on subsurface data insights. Find out what’s new in virtual data management at the SEG 2020 Annual Meeting and chat with our team members live online. We’re very excited to feature our brand new Katalyst 360 data analytics platform at our virtual booth, and we’ll be online all week, ready to answer your questions and help you navigate the challenges of data management.

The Katalyst 360 analytics platform features dashboards that are synchronized to an oil and gas company’s subsurface data. The platform comes with ready to use dashboards that display multiple attributes such as project status, data completeness and process efficiency. Users also have the ability to easily create and customize their own dashboards for analytics specific to their needs. For the first time, E&P companies can easily extend their understanding of their data and draw insights from the entirety of their subsurface data investment.

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We’ll have members of our business development team online at SEG 2020 all week ready to answer your questions and discuss seismic and well data management issues.

Emerging Technology for Seismic and Well Data Solutions

Data Analytics for Data Management: Unlock Subsurface Insights

The volume of subsurface data that is being acquired and made available is rapidly increasing, and large digital transformation projects are also unlocking legacy data. When these data are managed by subsurface data management technology, the prospect of being able to perform system wide analytics is enabled.

Watch this Hands-On Data webinar, featuring Chief Data Scientist Vinay Murli showing real-world use cases for the new Katalyst 360 analytics environment to explore, analyze and create custom analytics content.

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Find Your Data Now: Leveraging Elasticsearch

Finding data can be tricky business if you’re not sure where to look. Traditional search mechanisms are fast, but they require that you know certain things about the data you are looking for, such as a survey name or geographic location. Emerging technology allows us to search for data in a much more efficient manner and without advance knowledge.

Join us at SEG to learn more about the new search service within iGlass Portal, powered by Elasticsearch, or watch the webcast for a full demonstration.

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Revealing Your Oil and Gas Exploration Data to the Right People

As subsurface databases become larger, cover more geographical areas and contain multiple business units’ data, companies are challenged with regulating access to certain datasets. Confidential datasets and assets still need to be managed and available online, but not to everyone. How can companies deal with this?

Using the iGlass database and entitlements module, you can easily limit who sees what data and what actions they can take with it.  Read more or watch the webinar to learn how to effectively manage data access and visibility within your data management environment.

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Working Online: Katalyst, IHS Markit & Your Data

Is working online allowing you to manage your data licensing needs? It can be especially challenging in this new environment to license proprietary seismic data when in-person meetings have become more restricted.

More than ever, our industry will rely upon online transactions and communications. Join us at SEG online for details, or watch the webinar to see how Katalyst and IHS Markit are working to change the paradigm for the online seismic data marketplace.

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Remote Seismic Data Loading: From Archive to Interpretation

Getting new subsurface data into the hands of geoscientists can be challenging in today’s work environment. This webinar will show how you can bypass traditional data loading and transfer processes, and securely load seismic data into your data management and workstation environments without ever actually physically handling the data. It can all be done remotely, from archive to interpretation.

Watch this webinar as Patrick Meroney walks you through the workflow of loading project data remotely and ingesting the data into iGlass. Our special guest speaker Marko Gauk with SeisWare demonstrates receiving workstation ready data to QC and interpret.

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