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Katalyst Data Management Houston Office Opens Following Hurricane Harvey

We are happy to announce the Katalyst Houston office was open for business starting Thursday, August 31st, following Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, our building at Westpark Drive and our offsite storage facility sustained no damage from the storms. Our staff were instructed to come to work only if they could confirm a clear safe route to the office, and there was a temporary delay accepting deliveries to the office, but our doors were open.

Prior to Hurricane Harvey impacting Houston, we stood up our emergency response team which included team members from our Calgary office, and we were prepared to fail-over to Calgary as part of our disaster recovery plan. Fortunately, we never lost power, our systems stayed up and functioning throughout the storm, and we did not need to fail-over to Calgary.

The only issue we had to deal with was an outage of our phone systems which only occurred following the storms. After communicating with our provider, our phone lines were up just a couple of days after we opened our offices.

In the meantime, our clients were able to contact their account manager directly through email or their mobile number, or contact Patrick Meroney, Director of North America Operations, directly through his email listed below.

If you are living in or around Houston, no doubt you have been impacted in some way by this storm. We’re very thankful that our staff, although dramatically impacted, are safe and are able to begin the long road back to normalcy. We are also happy to tell you your information stored with Katalyst is safe and available.

Update: Please note that the phone line issue mentioned above was only temporary and was quickly resolved.  In addition, traffic patterns and delivery times have returned to normal throughout the Houston area.

Patrick Meroney
Director, North America Operations
+1 281.529.3298