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Katalyst Data Management Opens New Digital Transformation Center in Houston

Katalyst Data Management

Second location serving the Energy Corridor to meet demands of E&P digital transformation

HOUSTON (June 25, 2019) Katalyst Data Management announced today that it has opened a second Digital Transformation Center (DTC2) in the Houston area. The new facility, located just a few miles from their main office on Westpark Drive, will significantly increase their production capacity for large scale E&P digital transformation projects that are already underway.

In just the last year, the company’s Westpark location reached maximum capacity, and it became clear that a second location would be required. DTC2 will serve to supplement operations so that digital transformation projects can continue to run safely and more efficiently as the subsurface data volumes flow through the process.

The current demand for digital transformation of subsurface data requires that massive amounts of physical data be transformed into modern formats, whether via tape transcription, scanning or digitization, and managed in a cloud environment. As data volumes move through the process to become digitized, more and more facility capacity is needed to meet the demands for each digital transformation project.

“We never thought when we moved into our Westpark facility that we would require additional space, but we were wrong. The explosion of subsurface digital transformation initiatives by our customers is a tremendous task, requiring a proven detailed workflow and capacity to provide the high quality service in a safe environment for our employees and customers,” states President and CEO Steve Darnell.

“We now have over 64,000 square feet of production facilities in the Houston area dedicated to subsurface data management and digital transformation. We anticipate that operational growth will continue as we lead the industry through all of the efforts it truly takes to implement digital transformation.”

About Katalyst Data Management

Katalyst Data Management provides complete subsurface data management and digital transformation services, assisting oil and gas companies with the challenge of managing volumes of subsurface data acquired for exploration and production. Katalyst’s end-to-end data management services include every step in the subsurface data life cycle, from digital transformation and verification, to multi-cloud storage and organization, to marketing seismic data online. Katalyst’s signature offerings include the online iGlass solution for subsurface data management and the e-brokerage site SeismicZone.com for seismic data resale.

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