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Katalyst Data Management Presents “Seismic Data Governance: Is Your Operating License at Risk?”

Webinar Takes a Closer Look at Seismic Data Compliance

As a follow up to our webinar series focused on seismic data ownership best practices, Katalyst Data Management is pleased to once again to present the data management community with a webinar focusing on best practices for seismic data compliance.

The webinar “Seismic Data Governance: Is Your Operating License at Risk” presents a high level discussion about a company that has taken over assets from an operator.  The session addresses questions such as, “Is your seismic compliant? How do you know?” “Could you pass a seismic audit?” What do you need to consider as you integrate your seismic assets into your existing environment?”

Former geophysical advisor and records management team lead Trish Mulder and subsurface consulting manager Sue Carr will present a 30 minute webinar on reviewing best practices for seismic data governance.

Contact us to view a recorded version of the webinar.

The online webinar was a preview of the in-depth presentation and discussion that took place at the Calgary Geoscience Data Managemer’s Society (CGDMS) luncheon on November 29, 2017.  Katalyst’s Calgary office hosted this hour-long presentation that presented a theoretical seismic case study and entitlement reconciliation with an interactive discussion.  This luncheon was a great opportunity to delve into more in-depth information on the topic of seismic data governance.

For more details on CGDMS and their upcoming events, click here.

If you would like to learn more about future webinars or how Katalyst Data Management can assist with your seismic data records management, please contact us.