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Katalyst Data Management Returns to Africa Oil Week 2019 in Cape Town

Digitise the World

Digitising Subsurface Data Volumes on a National Scale
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Many oil and gas companies around the world are just beginning the digital transformation journey for their subsurface data volumes. Katalyst Data Management is looking forward to exhibiting at Africa Oil Week 2019 to get some insight and help support the growth and success of the upstream oil and gas sector in this region.  Quality and integrity applied throughout the data storage and management process will pave the way for success in E&P in Africa and is especially important to preserving the data value for the nation.

Petroleum Data Management for the Future

The work and investment to collate, organise, index and manage legacy and newly acquired E&P data is not insignificant, but it represents a tremendous value for the future.  The availability and access to the subsurface data for the use of potential exploration investors is critical. Not delivering the data in a timely manner places the investor at a disadvantage since it will restrict the full and accurate understanding, thereby delaying any decision. This is a very real hindrance to the successful completion of the technical appraisal, which will inevitably impact the desired goals and overall economic viability of the prospect.

40 Petabytes of Data Managed with iGlass

Loading the E&P data into the iGlass database, specifically designed for accessing seismic and well data volumes, provides a complete view of the data and allows timely delivery of data sets to the exploration company. The iGlass solution provides tools for the analysis and identification of data deficiencies so that further investigation can be targeted to complete the data set. At Africa Oil Week, visitors will have the opportunity to see the iGlass solution in action and the ease of accessibility to information, saving weeks of time spent searching for the correct data files.

In addition to iGlass, seismic data owners also have the option of listing their subsurface data available for license on SeismicZone.  The SeismicZone.com e-brokerage website provides a convenient platform whereby oil and gas companies can search their area of interest and instantly quality check and order data available for license.

Digitise The World

Africa Oil Week takes place in Cape Town, South Africa from 4-8 November 2019.  The exhibition is just one stop on our Digitise the World Tour. We are visiting cities around the globe with team members from our five data centres worldwide, ready to help companies begin their digital transformation journey with integrity in subsurface data management.

To learn more about Africa Oil Week 2019, visit the event website.

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