Katalyst Data Management to Present at Geoconvention in Calgary

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Katalyst Data Management to Present at Geoconvention in Calgary

Join Katalyst Data Management at the Geoconvention Showcase Stage

Our Calgary data management team is looking forward to presenting as part of the 2019 Geoconvention Showcase in the exhibit hall of the Calgary TELUS Convention Center on Monday and Tuesday of the conference.

The topics include the developments coming soon regarding the Canadian Well Identifier System and how to solve big data challenges with our multi-cloud PPDM compliant solution iGlass.

Geoconvention Showcase Stage Presentations by Katalyst

Monday, May 13th at 3pm
Canadian Well Identifier System, What Does it Mean for You?
Presented by Sue Carr, Solutions Manager, Subsurface Consulting, Katalyst Data Management and Floy Baird, President, Calgary Geoscience Data Managers Society

The Canadian Well Identification System (CWIS) is an identifier whose time has come. CWIS is planned to be implemented by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) in the near future. This talk breaks down the concepts behind it and explains how it can be a valuable tool for you. CWIS addresses the limitations of the UWI, while not replacing it. Yes, your UWI is safe! Our industry is one of constant change, driven by the need to address our environmental footprint, reduce our cost, and embrace new technologies. We no longer predominately drill just single vertical boreholes, and the management of the data of wells needs new tools like CWIS to address these changes. De‐mystifying the CWIS, walking through examples of CWIS, and talking in practical terms about the benefits will all be discussed in this talk.

Tuesday, May 14th at 11am
Where to Begin? Solving Big Data Challenges Facing the Geoscience Industry with iGlass
Presented by Paul MacLaren, Operations Manager, Katalyst Data Management

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence involve very complex and large data sets. It’s difficult to capture, process, store, search and analyze these volumes of subsurface data using a conventional database system. Doing so would be like trying to juggle a million data sources, each in a different format, and none with any context as to where and when the data was captured and cataloged. To handle a task of this magnitude, oil and gas companies need an end‐to‐end data management program.

To make sure that all relevant data is used to make better decisions means first placing it in a centralized repository within a data management system that stores both structured and unstructured E&P data at any scale. It is crucial to bring structure and context to unstructured data – making it accessible for geoscientists and data scientists for detailed analysis. Join Katalyst Data Management to learn more about the PPDM Gold Compliant iGlass database for accessing all of your organization’s geological and geophysical information. The iGlass portal displays all of the subsurface data via an online Esri GIS map‐interface, readily available for interpretation and data analysis.

If you have any questions about the presentations or would like to meet up at the show, please contact us.

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