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Katalyst Data Management to Present at PPDM Workshop in Perth

Perth Data Management Workshop

We are excited to have our own Stephen Malajczuk on the agenda for the PPDM Perth Data Management Workshop.  Stephen recently received his accreditation as a PPDM Certified Petroleum Data Analyst and will be giving a presentation on “Data Management in a Sky of Clouds” on Thursday afternoon of the workshop.  The PPDM Perth Data Management Workshop is taking place on 14-15 August 2019 at the Perth Town Hall.

Data Management in a Sky of Clouds

As many organisations undergo their own digital transformation journey, managing data across multiple domains has become increasingly complex. It is not uncommon for an organisation to have data residing in not one but multiple clouds, as well as on physical media. However if the correct methods and principles are employed, this new reality should not limit a data manager’s capacity to ensure secure, timely access to the right information for their stakeholders. In this presentation, Steve will describe some methodology to managing data across multiple domains, how the PPDM Data Model supports this endeavour, the role of Master Data Management, technologies utilised, data security, and some examples and lessons learned.

The theme for this year’s PPDM Perth Data Management Workshop is “Data Management In Support of the Digital Transformation.” The workshop will focus on how the digital transformation is impacting data management practices and how to best support the transition in the industry. The value of the digital transformation will depend on the integrity of the data used, and good data management is becoming a strategic element of corporate governance.

To learn more about how subsurface data management best practices affect your company’s digital transformation journey, contact Katalyst Data Management.