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Katalyst Data Management Update Regarding COVID-19

Katalyst Data Management Update

As we all experience challenging circumstances surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to share how we are supporting our employees, our customers and our communities.

Global Task Force

Katalyst has responded quickly and carefully to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We have established a global task force to closely monitor the situation in all the local communities where we operate and take appropriate action when warranted.

The task force is communicating directly with our employees, providing qualified information and updates that affect them and their families. We are providing the flexibility for our staff to work from home, restricting business travel and making sure our facilities remain clean and safe for our employees.

The main message to our employees is to be responsible and diligent. We as individuals can help prevent the spread of this virus. We have emphasized to our employees to wash their hands frequently, stay home if they are feeling ill, avoid large crowds and wash your hands again. I have great confidence in our 350 global employees that we will each do our part.

Ready to Serve You

For our customers we will continue to provide the high quality service that you have come to expect. All of our global offices are open, and the Katalyst team is ready to be of service. As a cloud provider, we have the ability to service you, our customers, with minimal staff requirements. Be assured, your data and information is available and secure.

I tell my team often to focus on the things you can control and prepare for those things you can’t. We are prepared for what comes next. We as an industry have been through a great deal of challenges. Obviously, this one is different in how it’s affecting our global communities. What is not different is how we will respond and come together.

I look forward to the day we can talk about this in the past tense, but until then Katalyst will continue to do our part for our employees, customers and our community.

Steve Darnell, President and CEO
Katalyst Data Management

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