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Katalyst to Facilitate Professional Development Workshop at PPDM Calgary Symposium

Calgary Data Management Symposium

Katalyst Data Management is excited to be part of the PPDM Professional Development Committee, and we are looking forward to the workshop that will be part of the annual PPDM Calgary Data Management Symposium on October 21-23, 2019 at the University of Calgary Downtown Campus.  Patrick Meroney, Director of North America Operations for Katalyst, is on the Professional Development Committee for PPDM and will be helping conduct the workshop.

The PPDM Professional Development Committee helps develop standards for data management job descriptions and recommendations for career path and educational opportunities.  The roles of data managers in oil and gas are constantly changing and evolving, and the goal of this committee is to maintain a standard of excellence within the subsurface data management discipline. The workshop will review the proposed role definitions and descriptions developed by the committee and other research that has been conducted through year.

In addition to participating in the Professional Development Committee Workshop, Katalyst is pleased to be the registration kit sponsor for the Calgary Data Management Symposium.  The theme for the two-day event is “The Data Revolution: Are You Prepared?”  The agenda features talks focused on the successes, challenges and future course for subsurface data management in the era of big data and artificial intelligence in oil and gas.

The digital transformation journey for E&P data is different for every company.  Katalyst Data Management helps companies get started with seismic cloud solutions and subsurface consulting services to ready to assist oil and gas companies they are along the pathway to digitalization. To begin your digital transformation journey, give Katalyst a call.

For additional information on the PPDM Calgary Data Management Symposium, visit the event website.