Katalyst Can Manage your Well Data

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Katalyst Can Manage Your Well Data

The Electronic Well File

Katalyst can help manage your well data, integrating disciplines with a map-based view of your asset, all the way through its life cycle with an Electronic Well File. The solution is Katalyst’s iGlass wells module.

iGlass wells creates a Digital Well file comprising all of the information associated with the well – proprietary value add, financial information, engineering and geoscience, public information, unstructured documentation –all linked and integrated into one system, and represented in its true geographical location.

All data can be tied to the well Location. Much of the data associated with wells – whether that is well plans, licensing information, well logs, or other – have multiple versions. As a result, it is easy to lose information. With iGlass, all of the data is classified, tagged ,versioned and tied to the well location and becomes easy to find and manage.

iGlass enables management of all subsurface data in the same system, allowing convergence of seismic, wells, well logs and area information into the same map view. The solution is built with powerful tools like elastic search in Portal ES to find your data and Editor ES to manage users, reference lists, user access, metadata, and security. The solution includes disaster recovery, architecture, data management, and data operations to automate data ingestion into an organization.

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