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Major Well Data Project Signed by Katalyst Data Management

HOUSTON (May 31, 2017) Katalyst Data Management announced today that it has signed its first major well data project.  The well data project is essentially a “paper to digits” project involving the scanning and classification of physical well files associated with over 20,000 wells in the US Lower 48. This marks the first major well data project for Katalyst, who began providing geological data management solutions in 2016 after nearly thirty years focusing primarily on seismic data management.

The well data volumes will be digitally stored and managed via Katalyst’s web-based subsurface data management solution iGlass.  The hosted PPDM 3.8 database gives clients accessibility to view and download seismic, well and interpretation project data from a single map GIS portal.   iGlass is the company’s industry-leading solution for managing and accessing subsurface data and information.

“After years of managing petabytes of geophysical data for oil and gas companies, we are excited to be expanding our services and undertaking a major project for well data files,” said President and CEO Steve Darnell. “We recognize the importance for our clients to be able to access all of their subsurface data from a single map. Our iGlass data management solution has transformed into one that can be applied to all domains used for oil and gas exploration.”

Last year, Katalyst launched the first phase of geological domain support with the release of ProjectDataStor for managing interpretation project archives.  The tool allows geoscientists to apply context and metadata to back-ups of their technical interpretation projects and easily access them via the iGlass ESRI map interface.  Soon after the launch of ProjectDataStor, Katalyst released the first phase of its well module allowing clients to manage microseismic, well logs and virtually any files associated with a well.

Demos of both ProjectDataStor and wells along with the other domains supported by iGlass will be available at the EAGE Annual Meeting on June 15-19 in Paris, France and the SEG Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, US on September 24-29, 2017.

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Katalyst Data Management provides a complete data management solution assisting oil and gas companies with the difficult challenge of managing the vast amount of subsurface data and information acquired for exploration and production. Katalyst’s end-to-end solution includes every step in the process, from data capture and verification, to data storage and organization, to marketing seismic data online. Katalyst’s signature offerings include the web-based iGlass solution for subsurface data management and the ecommerce site for data marketing. To learn more visit

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