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Onsite Geophysical Services Now Available in Calgary

Katalyst Data Management is excited to now be able to offer onsite support for database and geophysical services to our clients in Calgary.

Whether you need help with database cleanup, completion, reporting or other projects, Katalyst has people with extensive experience in most geophysical applications that are well-versed in PPDM, seismic and well data formats.

Please contact our Calgary location if you need support for any of the following areas:

• Full data management – life cycle
• Project admin and data loading
• Seismic data archival processes and implementation
• Data management
• Database knowledge
• Metadata management (ownership and completion)
• Geophysical support for geophysicists (query and download, data delivery)
• Geophysical applications experience
• Editing functionality in iGlass or other applications
• Navigation
• LAS, DLIS, LIS file formats
• VSP’s of seismic data processing
• PPDM model and UKOOA/SegP1
• Media format knowledge for geophysical or geological data
• Seismic sales knowledge for the divestiture process

Click here to complete a contact form to send to our team in Calgary who will be able to assist you.