Outsourcing Tape Services for Oil and Gas Companies

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Outsourcing Tape Services

There are a multitude of data storage media and devices that have been utilized in the energy industry, yet after decades, we are still investing in hardware that is used less frequently and needs replacing. Why is this? With an increase in working from home and general office downsizing, it may be time to question whether onsite media reading capabilities is even needed. Can ingestion of data occur without anyone in the company having to read it?

Craig Jones, Business Development Manager of the EAME region for Katalyst, will provide a quick look at how tape services can be outsourced and what benefits this can involve.

Join us live on Wednesday, May 25th at 10:00am CT

Meet the Presenter

Craig Jones is the Business Development Manager of the EAME region for Katalyst Data Management. As a geophysicist, Craig spent over 12 years working in the roll out of geophysical processing technologies and data delivery for seismic service companies. In his current role, Craig applies his experience with geophysical data requirements to provide solutions and consulting services for subsurface data management.


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