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Perth iGlass Datacenter Assists Oil and Gas Explorers in the Asia Pacific Region

Our new iGlass facility in Perth is enabling oil and gas companies operating throughout Asia Pacific to manage data from their exploration activities without having to invest in and deploy sophisticated data technology in remote locations or less developed countries.

To understand the value iGlass delivers to the oil and gas sector, you have to appreciate that it is a fully supported web based software as a service (SaaS) offering  – which means that companies in any country, especially where there is little infrastructure in their local offices, benefit from its deployment.  Whether your drilling activities are in Vietnam, Malaysia, or Myanmar, our iGlass deployment allows companies exploring anywhere in the region to gain access to a cutting edge data management system, from any location.

As an example, a company headquartered in Singapore with exploration interests in Malaysia and Vietnam can now manage, view, interact and even download data from their office in Singapore (or any other location they like) without the need to deploy any technology in the country where the data originated.  In fact, even where countries have embargoes on data leaving the country (such as Indonesia), our system architecture allows data to remain in country, but be interacted with from anywhere in the world without the data leaving the country.

Put simply, data on a global scale, can now be managed from any location in the world, with a consistent PPDM data model, through a single GIS interface – thanks to iGlass.

iGlass is just another way that Katalyst Data Management has found to help you unleash your data’s potential.

If you want to find out more about how iGlass can benefit your activities in Asia Pacific or anywhere in the world, contact us here.