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PESGB PROSPEX Final Stop for Katalyst’s 2019 Digitise the World Tour

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Katalyst Data Management will be exhibiting at the annual PESGB PROSPEX event in London on 11-12 December at the Business Design Centre.  Each year, the exploration and development industry in the UK convenes at this show to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities associated with prospects in the region.  At the forefront of the process is the E&P data used to evaluate prospective investments for oil and gas exploration, and Katalyst is excited to provide a proven resource for cost-effective and robust subsurface data management.

Overwhelmed by Data Volumes

Digital transformation sounds like a great idea, until you take a look at the massive amounts of data in various locations, formats and media that has been acquired over many decades by many different companies.  Navigating these challenges can be overwhelming, and often the project is low in order of priority.  Or at least, that used to be the case, before the digital revolution.  Now that we have applications that are hungry for data, the value of subsurface data archives is proving to be well worth the investment into a robust data management program.

Part of the digital revolution is transforming subsurface data from legacy media into modern formats, accessible on today’s platforms.  Any exploration and production organization likely has volumes and volumes of data that would make for good fuel for today’s artificial intelligence and data analytics platform, if only the data were in a usable form.

Digitise the World Tour

The PROSPEX event in London will be the final stop for the year on Katalyst’s Digitise the World Tour.  We have been visiting cities around the globe, helping companies in every region and basin bring their data volumes up to speed, so they can get their subsurface data ready for artificial intelligence and machine learning programs. Since every organization is at a different phase of their digital transformation journey, our subsurface consulting group is here to help evaluate the next step specific to your organization, assist with project work and make recommendations to take your subsurface data management to the next level.

Once the subsurface data is in digital format, the volumes are stored and accessed via the iGlass data management platform. The robust tools and map-based queries available in iGlass have helped oil and gas companies around the world be able to harness the value of their subsurface data volumes (terabytes and petabytes of it!) and prepare the data to feed into their analytics platforms.  iGlass now manages over 40 petabytes of subsurface data for the E&P industry.

Visit Katalyst at PROSPEX stand #50 or contact us to learn more.

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