Cloud Data Guidelines Webinar

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Cloud Data Guidelines

Organizations in the resource sector are rapidly gaining experience with managing technical data in the cloud. As they increasingly look to commercial cloud offerings to manage their data, they are also identifying the need to develop a set of best practices and data governance principles for cloud data management.

In this webinar, we will consider data governance for organizations planning or expanding their use of cloud data platforms. Examples will include: how data governance enables more efficient access to existing petro-technical data, the unique challenges of working with data on clouds in jurisdictions with data sovereignty or data privacy considerations, and the way that data standards are being adopted and adapted for use with cloud data platforms.

Meet the Presenter

Jess Kozman has been a professional data management practitioner since the early 1980’s, specializing in digital data for the resource industry. His roles have included exploration geophysics, IT management, and consulting for national and international petroleum and minerals organizations, government agencies, and service providers. Jess maintains professional qualifications in earth sciences, data quality, and project management. He is currently based in Perth and collaborates on digital transformation in the energy and resource sector.


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