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Seismic Data E-commerce Site Featured in Energy News Bulletin

Asia-Pacific publication features new option for seismic data resale recently launched by Katalyst Data Management

Proprietary owners of seismic data now have a new option for marketing their global 2D and 3D data on their very own map, Katalyst Data Management recently announced.  This customized map can then be used on the data owner’s company website to market their data to their users around the world.

The story was picked up by the Australia-based Energy News Bulletin publication as this is implies a major paradigm shift for seismic data licensing across the globe. To see the article on the Energy News Bulletin website, click here.

The e-commerce site SeismicZone was launched in 2013 and is open to all data owners who have proprietary 2D and 3D seismic available for license.  Their data is visible on the SeismicZone map along with all of the other data available from other companies.  Now owners have the option to have their own customized map created with a custom URL, where only their data is visible.

The early phases of the data licensing process translate easily to an online solution.  To find their area of interest, visitors to can query by basin, region, latitude/longitude, block or county/township to zone in on their region.  If needed, data can be further filtered by quality inspection availability, 2D/3D survey, energy source, vintage and fold.  Registered users have access to the quality inspection viewer, where they can view striped sections of the data of interest.  Just like any other e-commerce site, SeismicZone has a shopping cart where users can collect their data until they are ready to submit a request for license.  The site also allows users to select the sections of data that they wish to purchase and estimate the area and cost for the purchaser.

Developing an e-commerce site for seismic data made sense for Katalyst Data Management, the company behind  Katalyst was already using web-based maps for managing seismic data before launching the site in 2013.  The subsurface data is stored in their private Tier 2 data centers via a PPDM 3.8 database known as iGlass, which includes a web-based ESRI map portal for their users.

Katalyst offered their clients an option of making their proprietary data available for license to the public, and created a new online map with more e-commerce functionality. is separate from their subsurface data management solution, but their data management clients can view data available for license on SeismicZone on the iGlass map.

Click here to view the complete article on the Energy News Bulletin.

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