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Some Staggering Statistics for Subsurface Data Management Portal iGlass

Katalyst Data Management has hit some massive numbers with our private cloud solution iGlass in recent years!  Hard to imagine that all of this information used to reside on thousands of different databases, spreadsheets and physical items, and now is all accessible via one PPDM database.

iGlass Statistics

  • Currently 21 million physical inventory records in the database
  • There are 618,000 unique seismic surveys
  • 3.2 million seismic lines
  • 1.4 billion rows are populated in the database
  • 17.2 petabytes of seismic trace data managed from the instance (1 petabyte = 1,000 terabytes=1 million gigabytes)
  • 45 million line kilometers (28 million miles) of seismic (enough to wrap around the world 1,000 times)

In addition, we have added multiple data domains, so what began with seismic data management is now expanding to include microseismic and interpretation project data.  iGlass is now capable of handling the complexities of managing interpretation project archives, and all of the associated metadata that geoscientists often are unable to access with traditional storage methods.

About iGlass

Katalyst Data Management’s hosted iGlass software provides a complete set of tools that encompass the full life cycle of our customers’ subsurface assets. Built on PPDM 3.8 public data model, iGlass incorporates a web based ESRI GIS map interface for direct access to your digital geophysical data via a secure private cloud. Katalyst hosts the iGlass data management software as a service (SaaS) for our clients.

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