The role of digital data in decarbonizing energy

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The role of digital data in decarbonizing energy

With energy organizations across industry sectors moving toward decarbonizing their energy production and supply chains, it is time to understand the role and impact of digital data in supporting the transition to low-carbon projects. In this webinar, we will review applications of digital data types, some very familiar and some new and novel, to the transformation of the energy industry.

Have you wondered where to find well data that would support the search for battery minerals or how shallow seismic can be re-purposed to evaluate locations for offshore wind turbines? Tune in to learn something new!!

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Meet the Presenter

Jess has been a professional data management practitioner since the early 1980’s, specializing in digital data for the resource industry. His roles have included exploration geophysics, IT management, and consulting for national and international petroleum and minerals organizations, government agencies, and service providers. Jess maintains professional qualifications in earth sciences, data quality, and project management. He is currently based in Perth and collaborates on digital transformation in the energy and resource sector.



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