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Visit Katalyst at PPDM Houston Expo on April 26-27, 2022


Visit Katalyst at #Booth 23

We are excited to present and exhibit at the upcoming Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo, which will be held at the Westin Houston Memorial City, on April 26-27, 2022. The Katalyst team is taking center stage and presenting insightful information that will change the way you see data. We are ready to speak with you about our subsurface digital transformation services and technology, and introduce you to our new Consulting group. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Get a Sneak Peek Inside #Booth 23

Come to booth 23 to see the latest developments in iGlass, Portal ES and our well module. In addition, we will update you on Katalyst 360™, our analytics environment, and present our work with the OSDU™ Forum.

Katalyst’s PPDM Presentations

How Fit Are Your Bits? Progress and Guidance for the Data Fit Energy Organization– Jess Kozman The concept of a Data Fit Organization (DFO) in the energy and resources industry has been developed by a Steering Committee based in Australia, with input from a local innovation incubator, resource sector operators, academia, government agencies, and service providers. A Data Fit Organization (DFO) is one where data culture is a ubiquitous part of work, like safety is today, where all employees have data competencies and capabilities, and demonstrate behaviors that deliver strategic value from data, and where data roles and responsibilities are measured and incentivized. The Steering Committee has delivered a framework to help map, assess and improve data capabilities and behaviors across roles to improve effective upskilling. Forbes magazine recently pointed out that for data-centric organizations “knowing how to assemble high-quality data in their domain is their professional competitive advantage”. The DFO framework parallels other initiatives such as the PPDM Association Competency Framework, which represents thirty years of subject matter expertise in data management Job Families, and the Australian Future Energy Cooperative Research Center’ project for “Developing a Digital Competencies Framework for the Australian Energy Industry”, with participation from the Queensland University of Technology and Edith Cowan University.

OSDU™ Data Platform: The Promise and the Journey – Patrick Meroney and James Lamb
The Open Group  OSDU™ Forum was established in order to deliver a technology agnostic platform to the energy industry. Much like the disruption promised by the emergence of commercial cloud solutions in the oil and gas industry, OSDU Data Platform offers the promise of a platform that transforms the way that companies use technology and design workflows, allowing users to ‘plug and play’ technology and build workflows that are comprised of best in class products and technology. As the platform has evolved, producers and service providers alike have taken a keen interest in watching this evolution to see if OSDU Data Platform can deliver on its promise. This will be an update to our 2021 presentation on the OSDU Promise and Journey examining the latest progress and remaining challenges for the OSDU data platform.

Adapting Data Governance for New Energy– Jess Kozman
A look at how key facets of successful field-validated data governance frameworks can be adapted for data types that support renewable energy, carbon mitigation and ESG embedded data flows. Considerations include responsibilities and accountabilities for data stewards in the areas of metadata, classification, standards and custody handoffs. Takeaways will be deployable guidelines for the role of a data sponsor in reviewing new data types for contractual, legal and regulatory access.

IPDS Open House– Shawn New
The Chairs for the Rules/Reference/Objects committees will gather in an open house format to give the members an update on the on goings of each committee individually then walk the members through how the three groups are working together to advance the IPDS for PPDM. We will also discuss how we are helping the OSDU with rules, reference lists, and objects.

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Katalyst’s Consultants
Katalyst’s on-demand subsurface data management consultants will also be onsite and are ready to meet with you. The data management consulting team is composed of industry-recognized, experienced and highly skilled petroleum data managers and geotechnologists to enable your team to focus on internal value added projects.

To learn more or to schedule a demo at PPDM, please contact us.

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