What's new in the K360 Data Analytics Program for Oil and Gas operations

Unleash Your Data's Potentialâ„ 

What’s new in the K360 Data Analytics Program?

Katalyst Data Management

The Katalyst 360 data analytics platform provides consumers with better visibility into their iGlass database and also enables clients to monitor progress along their subsurface digital transformation journey with Katalyst.

In this webinar, Vinay Murli will demo the latest analytics content in Katalyst 360 while spotlighting themes around increasing data visibility, increasing efficiency, increasing data value, and increasing data interest.

Meet the Presenter

Vinay Murli is the Chief Data Scientist at Katalyst Data Management. He has spent his career managing and extracting value from subsurface data assets for oil and gas companies. He is a physicist with a background in seismic data processing, subsurface data management, project management and business intelligence/ data analytics.


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