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Visit Katalyst at PPDM Houston Expo on October 25-26, 2021


Visit Katalyst at #Booth 17

We are excited to present and exhibit at the upcoming Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo, which will be held at the Westin Houston Memorial City, on October 25-26, 2021. The Katalyst team is taking center stage and presenting insightful information that will change the way you see data. We are ready to speak with you about our subsurface digital transformation services and technology, and introduce you to our new consulting group. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Get a Sneak Peek Inside #Booth 17

Come to booth 17 to see the latest developments in iGlass, Portal ES and our well module. In addition, we will update you on Katalyst 360™, our analytics environment, and present our work with the OSDU™ Forum.

Katalyst’s PPDM Presentations

A Cloud Data Competency Framework for Oil and Gas – Jess Kozman 
Several Australia based innovation partners and agencies are engaged in developing a “Three-Capital” seed model for data competency, assessing the behavior capabilities necessary in defined roles to enable data competency across human, social and organizational frameworks. The work is driven by a recognition that regardless of growth trajectories, “the ability to use and interpret data will only become more important for oil and gas occupations.”

Putting the People first in People, Process and Technology – Shawn New and Sue Carr
Why do technology projects fail, or do not deliver the promise of value that they originally propose? What can we do differently? After 30 plus years, the amount of time our G&G’s spend looking for data is still very high, up to 75% of their time. As “grey hairs,” we have seen multiple data management efforts fall short of their promise and failed attempts abound. Why is that? New technology is everywhere and given the upcoming crew change, interactivity, IOT, the Cloud, and compute power, it is more important than ever that we get this right.

OSDU™ Data Platform: The Promise and the Journey – Patrick Meroney and James Lamb
The Open Group OSDU™ Forum was established in order to deliver a technology agnostic platform to the energy industry. Much like the disruption promised by the emergence of commercial cloud solutions in the oil and gas industry, OSDU™ Data Platform offers the promise of a platform that transforms the way that companies use technology and design workflows, allowing users to ‘plug and play’ technology and build workflows that are comprised of best in class products and technology.

Professionalizing our Discipline, 2021 and Beyond, Professional Development Committee- Patrick Meroney and Cindy Cummings
The Professional Development Committee has had a busy year producing many new professional development templates for individuals, managers, and human resource professionals. This session will provide a snapshot of some of the tools produced and what’s coming in 2021 and provide an opportunity to weigh in on outputs of the Job Families group. You will review a selection of roles from the six (6) Petrotechnical Job Descriptions (E.g., Data Analyst, Data Manager, Chief Data Manager, Petrotechnical Business Analyst, Data Steward and Petrotechnical Data Scientist). The workshop aspect of the session will delve into one (1) to two (2) Job Descriptions developed.

Download the Houston PPDM Expo Agenda.

Katalyst’s Consultants
Katalyst’s on-demand subsurface data management consultants will also be onsite and are ready to meet with you. The data management consulting team is composed of industry-recognized, experienced and highly skilled petroleum data managers and geotechnologists to enable your team to focus on internal value added projects.

To learn more or to schedule a demo at PPDM, please contact us.

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