Visit Katalyst at Bahia Oil & Gas Energy Conference on May 22-24

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Visit Katalyst at Bahia Oil & Gas Energy Conference on May 22-24, 2024

Visit Katalyst at #Booth 38

We are excited to present and exhibit at the upcoming Bahia Oil and Gas Energy conference, which will be held at the Salvador Convention Center, on May 22-24, 2024 in Boca do Rio, Salvador. Our dedicated team of industry experts will be ready to speak with you about how our innovative technology and services will help you achieve success in a transitioning industry. Visit us at booth 38 to gain insights into our comprehensive data management workflows, explore our integrated platform offering features such as market intelligence, subsurface data, production charts, bid history, and more. In addition, Christiano Lopes, Vice President of South America Operations, will be presenting in a technical session. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Get a Sneak Peek Inside #Booth 38

Come to booth 38 to see the latest developments in our digital transformation technology and live presentations!

Geopost Market Watch
Geopost is a unique platform that bridges the gap between real-time market information and subsurface technical data. It offers users access to a comprehensive range of subsurface data including seismic data, well data, and interpretations. Additionally, Geopost provides up-to-date geographical information, intuitive dashboards presenting production data from fields and wells, and the latest industry news. With Geopost, users can gain a fresh perspective and explore a wide range of information like never before.

Geopost Virtual Data Room
Katalyst is excited to introduce Geopost Virtual Data Room, which facilitates the visualization, interpretation and collaboration during the process of asset evaluation.

Katalyst’s iGlass data management platform provides a complete set of tools that encompass the full life cycle of our customers’ subsurface assets. Certified PPDM Gold Compliant, iGlass gives you direct access to all of your digital subsurface data, securely stored in a cloud agnostic environment. Katalyst hosts the iGlass data management software as a service (SaaS) for our clients.

Katalyst can help operators on their journey to OSDU through our OSDU consulting services, data conditioning services, and external data subscription integration from your iGlass catalogue.

Digital Transformation for Subsurface Data
Subsurface data is extremely valuable. To make this information accessible and actionable for today’s challenges, Katalyst Data Management leads the industry in digital transformation services and provides a cutting-edge data management solution called, iGlass.

To learn more or to schedule a demo at Bahia Oil and Gas Energy, please contact us.

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